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Aug 1 2011

lastfm-node roadmap

The development of lastfm-node has mainly been driven by the needs of boxsocial. This has meant that lastfm-node’s own API has changed quite dramatically over time which, from my own experiences with consuming beta software, I know can be a nightmare for developers. Additionally it’s also missing a few key features (such as auto-retry of failed scrobbles) which any wrapper should really support out of the box. As I’d really like to start encouraging other node.js developers to use the library, and I don’t want to piss any of them off by changing the API too much in the future, I want to get to version 1.0 pretty soon.

With that in mind I’ve sketched out a vague roadmap for future development


Responses from lastfm.request are automatically converted to JSON.


Failed scrobbles are automatically retried when appropriate.


Caching support. Memory and reddis with other pluggable datastores to follow.


Finalise API.
Tidy JSON responses*


Radio API/playlist support.

* the json spat out by the API seems to be automatically converted from the XML which gives it some weird quirks like track.artist[‘#text’] to get an artists name.

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